Welcome to DepEd-Division of Pasig City

A Glimpse Of The Past

Pasig, Marikina and San Juan, which were once called the satellites of the Division of Quezon City are satellites no more.

The request of the DECS-NCR for the restructuring of its school divisions to correct the imbalances in the supervisory span of control of the Division Superintendents, as well as to ensure closer coordination with other government units and the local governments in the region, has finally been approved.


With the approval of the request for the redivisioning by the Secretary of Budget and Management, Hon Salvador Enriquez Jr. Six new divisions were born and made operational on June 1, 1994. This was pursuant to Section 35, Chapter 5 Book IV of E.O No. 29 and Memorandum Order No. 27 mandating the heads of departments, agencies and instrumentalities of the national government to streamline and improve their operations and organizations.

After a long wait, The Division of Pasig City, Marikina and San Juan (PAMARISAN) finally came in to being with Dr. Perla B. Menguito as its first Schools Division Superintendent.

With the separation of Marikina City, what remains of the original PAMARISAN is the Division of Pasig City and San Juan with Dr. Abella C. Macarandan as the Schools Division Superintendent and Dr. Florentina R. Lizano as Assistant Schools Division Superintendent.Student_Devt[1]

Later on, Dr. Florentina R. Lizano was promoted as Schools Division Superintendent effective October 15, 2007 and Dr. Joselita A. Gutierrez as Assistant Schools Division Superintendent. With the Cityhood of San Juan it was separated from the mother division and became an interim City Schools Division effective November 15, 2008. Thus, this division is now the Division of Pasig City.


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